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From Our Archives: Rav Ovadiah Yosef on the Status of Ethiopian Jews

One of the more influential psakim delivered by Rav Ovadiah Yosef zt”l related to the halakhic status of Ethiopian Jews, as discussed in an article in today’s Yediot Achronot. See here for Don Seeman’s article... 

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Select Writings in Tradition about Academic Bible Study

Below you will find links to various articles written in Tradition over the years relating to modern Bible study. - Shlomo Brody “Biblical Criticism” by Max Kapustin Tradition 3:1 (Fall 1960) “Orthodox Reactions... 

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Tradition 45:4 (Winter 2012) Now Available Online

Editor’s Note: The Lost Childhood of Doeg by Shalom Carmy Ancient Sources, Modern Problems: A Methodological Analysis of Rashi’s Position on Brainstem Death by Daniel Reifman Unmasking an Odd-Sounding Purim Custom:... 

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From Our Archives: Tradition Articles on Arms Sales and Halakha

J. David Bleich: Sale of Arms in Halakha Joseph Polak:  Arms Transfers, The State of Israel, and Halakha Sidney Hoenig:  The Sport of Hunting:  A Humane Game? All available for free download. - Shlomo Brody  Read More →

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Tradition 45:3 (Fall 2012) Now Available Online

Vol. 45, No. 3: Fall 2012 Editor’s Note: Why Hats Are Wasted On The Young: An Essay in Practical Theodicy by Shalom Carmy Yehuda Halevi and the Philosophical Use of Metaphor by Shubert Spero The Amida’s Biblical... 

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Parashat Ha’azinu: Ha’azinu’s Non-Sequitor by Yaakov Bieler

The poem’s structure. According to MaLBIM, the poem in Ha’azinu (Devarim 32:1-43)[1] can be divided into six sections: 1) (32:1-6) Charging heavens and earth to serve as witnesses for the account of Jewish history and prophetic... 

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Parashat VaYeilech: A Confluence of Emotions by Yaakov Bieler

The final two Mitzvot of the Tora. Although Parashat VaYelech is the shortest of all Parashiot,[1] according to Sefer HaChinuch, it  contains the last two Mitzvot Given by God via Moshe to the Jews. Both of these Mitzvot focus... 

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Decoding a Tora Cipher – Parashat Nitzavim – by Rabbi Yaakov Bieler

Scruitinizing variations in the appearance of portions of the Tora. In addition to subjecting the verses of the Tora to close reading in order to notice the many subtle nuances of language upon which are based numerous literary,... 

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