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Select Writings in Tradition about Academic Bible Study

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Below you will find links to various articles written in Tradition over the years relating to modern Bible study. – Shlomo Brody “Biblical Criticism” by Max Kapustin Tradition 3:1 (Fall 1960) “Orthodox Reactions to the Challenge of Bible Criticism”  Steven Shaw  - Tradition 10:3 (Spring 1969) Scientific Method and Biblical Study – Isaac Boaz Gottlieb (11:1, [...]

Parashat Vayigash: Was Yosef’s Economic Policy Also a Social Policy? by Yaakov Bieler

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                Once the years of plenty in Egypt, that were predicted in Pharoah’s two dreams (Beraishit  41:1-7, 25-32), are concluded, the years of famine begin (41:54). Not only does the lack of food affect the surrounding areas, including Canaan, but the residents of Egypt proper starve as well (41:55). While the measures imposed by Yosef [...]

Parshat Va’Yishlach: Stretching the Truth – Sometimes it Bends, Sometimes it Breaks by Yaakov Bieler

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Did Yaakov embody the quality of honesty?                    Even though the simple meaning of the phrase in Micha 7:20 “Titain Emet LeYaakov” (give truth to Yaakov) is interpreted by commentators (e.g., Metzudat David, MaLBIM)  as a plea for God to fulfill, i.e., make come “true,”  the various Promises Declared to Yaakov and his offspring,[1] [...]

Haftarat Vayishlach: The Tragedy of Esav as It Plays Out in Our Day by Gidon Rothstein

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Haftarat Vayishlah: The Book of Ovadiah When reality is too painful, we have two roads to take, being overwhelmed by sadness or learning to distance ourselves enough to continue functioning.  Oncologists know this challenge well, since they run the risk of getting too caught up in the tragedy of each lost patient or, almost equally [...]

Parshat VaYetze: What’s in a Name? by Yaakov Bieler

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It appears that, according to the Bible, the connotations and associations of the name that either a parent or God Himself bestows upon a particular child or adult, could play a major role in the individual’s personality development and sense of self.   Names that are positive and optimistic be readily understood to signify the hopes [...]

Parshat Vayera: Avraham the Gadfly by Yaakov Bieler

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Pirkei Avot contains not only portrait of the central character traits of Avraham, but also a subtle assumption regarding how we might also develop such qualities: Avot 5:19 Whoever possesses these three qualities is one of the students of Avraham Avinu…A generous eye, a humble spirit and a self-disciplined soul…[1] In contrast to those who [...]

Parashat Lech Lecha: The Blessing that Signals the Beginning of the Jewish People by Yaakov Bieler

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                At the beginning of Parshat Lech Lecha (Beraishit 12:2-3), in order to provide a Divine inducement for Avraham to abruptly leave his homeland and most of his family members, HaShem blesses him in seven different ways. Personal Blessings                 Yehuda Kihl[1] explains the contents of these blessings in the following manner:                  (1) “VeE’escha [...]

From Our Archives: Idolatry – A Prohibition for Our Time

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In light of the Sefer Devarim’s repeated condemantion of idolatry, please see our featured archive article, “Idolatry: A Prohibition for our Time” by Herzl Hefter (42:1, 2009) – Shlomo Brody

How “Blessed” were Bilaam’s Blessings? by Yaakov Bieler

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How Goodly Are Your Blessings?             We recently read one of the most well-known verses that comprise Jewish liturgy.  Siddurim[1] and Machzorim instruct that when an individual enters the synagogue, the first of several verses to be recited is, (BaMidbar 24:5) “How goodly are your tents Yaakov, your dwelling places Yisrael.” While the simple meaning of [...]

Pshat and Drash: What Did Korach Take? by Aryeh Klapper

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רש”י במדבר פרק טז :א “ויקח קרח” – פרשה זו יפה נדרשת במדרש רבי תנחומא. “ויקח קרח” – לקח את עצמו לצד אחד להיות נחלק מתוך העדה לעורר על הכהונה, וזהו שתרגם אונקלוס “ואתפלג” – נחלק משאר העדה להחזיק במחלוקת, וכן (איוב טו, יב) “מה יקחך לבך” – לוקח אותך להפליגך משאר בני אדם. דבר [...]

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