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Select Writings in Tradition about Academic Bible Study

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Below you will find links to various articles written in Tradition over the years relating to modern Bible study. – Shlomo Brody “Biblical Criticism” by Max Kapustin Tradition 3:1 (Fall 1960) “Orthodox Reactions to the Challenge of Bible Criticism”  Steven Shaw  - Tradition 10:3 (Spring 1969) Scientific Method and Biblical Study – Isaac Boaz Gottlieb (11:1, [...]

New Tradition

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Vol. 43, No. 1,  Spring 2010 Editor’s Note: A Peshat In the Dark: Reflections on the Age of Cary Grant by Shalom Carmy Self Dealing in the Not-For-Profit Board Room: An Inquiry into a Trustee’s Multi-Faceted Halakhic Identity by A. Yehuda Warburg On Rationalizing Biblical Tum’a by Shlomo Spiro On the Methodology of Jewish Medical [...]

Tradition 42:3 (Fall 2009), Including Article by Rabbi Michael Broyde on Women’s Hair Covering

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Tradition 42:3 (Fall 2009) Editor’s Note: The Teacher of Morality at Horwich Beach by Shalom Carmy Abarbanel: Commentator and Teacher Celebrating 500 Years of His Influence on Tanakh Study by Hayyim Angel When Torah and Science Collide by Nathan Aviezer A Note on The Flood Story in the Language of Man by Joel Wolowelsky  Survey [...]

שאל אביך ויגדך: What Are the Parameters of Looking to Tradition for Guidance?

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שאל אביך ויגדך: What Are the Parameters of Looking to Tradition for Guidance? by Gidon Rothstein In a recent shiur I give at, I came across a story the Rov, zt”l, tells about his great-grandfather, the Beis haLevi. In the 1800s, the Radzyner Rebber, R. Gershon Henoch Leiner, believed he had re-discovered tekhelet, the [...]

Introducing Text & Texture

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Welcome to Text & Texture, Tradition‘s blog of Orthodox Jewish Thought that explores the texts that shape the texture of our lives. Our contributors will analyze a wide range of sources and contemplate their meaning for contemporary Jewish thought and living.  Reflecting the varied interests of our writers, the posts seek to provide fresh insights and thought [...]