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Bringing the Geulah Through Mekhirat Chametz by Daniel Z. Feldman

March 28, 2010 by  
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Mekhirat chametz sometimes gets a bad rap. The widespread practice of observant Jews selling their chametz to a non-Jew prior to Pesach, and thus avoiding the prohibitions of bal yeraeh and bal yematze while preserving the chametz for repossession after Pesach, is sometimes seen as a way of not having one’s cake and eating it [...]

Of Miketz, Menorahs, and Majesty

December 16, 2009 by  
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Of Miketz, Menorahs, and Majesty By Daniel Z. Feldman  Halakhic Inquiries Regarding Yosef’s Behavior The release of Yosef from prison, a moment of great drama and emotion, has also been the subject of halakhic inquiry. Some rishonim note, in light of the fact that his release took place on Rosh HaShanah[1], it is surprising that Yosef [...]