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Tradition 45:4 (Winter 2012) Now Available Online

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Editor’s Note: The Lost Childhood of Doeg by Shalom Carmy Ancient Sources, Modern Problems: A Methodological Analysis of Rashi’s Position on Brainstem Death by Daniel Reifman Unmasking an Odd-Sounding Purim Custom: A Theory by Akiva Males My Long Lonely Journey to the Rav by Yisrael Kashkin An Unorthodox Step Toward Revelation: Leon Kass on Genesis Revisited [...]

New Tradition – 43:2, Featuring Debate Between Rabbis Eli Shulman and Michael Broyde on Women’s Hair Covering

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Vol. 43, No. 2, Summer 2010 Editor’s Note: “He Thought She Was Drunk” by Shalom Carmy Towards a Jewish Bioethic: The Case of Truth-Telling by Judah L. Goldberg The Limits of Religious Optimism: The Hazon Ish and the Altar of Novardok on Bittahon by Daniel Stein The Metaphysics of Property Interests in Jewish Law: An [...]

New Tradition

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Vol. 43, No. 1,  Spring 2010 Editor’s Note: A Peshat In the Dark: Reflections on the Age of Cary Grant by Shalom Carmy Self Dealing in the Not-For-Profit Board Room: An Inquiry into a Trustee’s Multi-Faceted Halakhic Identity by A. Yehuda Warburg On Rationalizing Biblical Tum’a by Shlomo Spiro On the Methodology of Jewish Medical [...]

New Tradition

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Tradition Vol. 42, No. 4, Winter 2009 Editor’s Note: Fear of Flesh and Blood by Shalom Carmy Jewish Philanthropy – Whither? by Aharon Lichtenstein Is Courage a Jewish Value by Yitzchak Blau From the Pages of Tradition: Benzion Katz: Mrs. Baba Bathra by Shnayer Z. Leiman Survey of Recent Halakhic Periodical Literature: Medical and Cosmetic [...]

Tradition 42:3 (Fall 2009), Including Article by Rabbi Michael Broyde on Women’s Hair Covering

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Tradition 42:3 (Fall 2009) Editor’s Note: The Teacher of Morality at Horwich Beach by Shalom Carmy Abarbanel: Commentator and Teacher Celebrating 500 Years of His Influence on Tanakh Study by Hayyim Angel When Torah and Science Collide by Nathan Aviezer A Note on The Flood Story in the Language of Man by Joel Wolowelsky  Survey [...]

Corrections to Tradition 42:2

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From the Tradition Editorial Team: Tradition apologizes to Dr. David Shatz and its readers for errors that appeared in the printed version of Dr. Shatz’s reply to letters in vol. 42, no. 2 (Summer 2009). Dr. Shatz was not made aware that changes were made in his reply, resulting in these errors. 

From Our Archives: Saving Lives on Shabbat

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In light of Rabbi Rothstein’s most recent post, I have featured online two important articles from Tradition’s archives regarding saving the life of  non-Jews on shabbat.  These articles responded to the infamous Shahak affair, in which a prominent radical Israeli leftist thinker alleged (without a shred of evidence) witnessing Orthodox Jews refusing to violate shabbat to save the [...]

Tradition 42.2 is now online!

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The latest edition of Tradition is now online. Table of Contents:

Rav Soloveitchik’s Tradition Articles

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  A couple of years ago, Tradition dedicated several months to scanning our entire achives into PDF formats and placing them on the web. Subscribers receive unlimited access to the 50+ years of archives with their subscriptions, while non-subscribers may purchase single article downloads for $2.00.  (Don’t forget our special subscription offer) Some of the [...]

Books of Interest – Recent Works of Rabbi Mordechai Breuer

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Mordechai Breuer, Pirqe Miqraot, Tvunot Press – Herzog College, Alon Shvut, 2009.  362 pages.  [Hebrew] The ‘Aspects Theory’ of Rav Mordechai Breuer:  Articles and Responses ed. Yosef Ofer, Tvunot Press – Herzog College, Alon Shvut, 2005.  369 pages. [Hebrew] Megadim 50 (Tamuz 5769), 268 pages. [Hebrew] In 1999, Tradition (33:3) published an essay by Rabbi Meir [...]

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