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Tradition 42:3 (Fall 2009), Including Article by Rabbi Michael Broyde on Women’s Hair Covering

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Tradition 42:3 (Fall 2009)

  • Editor’s Note: The Teacher of Morality at Horwich Beach by Shalom Carmy
  • Abarbanel: Commentator and Teacher Celebrating 500 Years of His Influence on Tanakh Study by Hayyim Angel
  • When Torah and Science Collide by Nathan Aviezer
  • A Note on The Flood Story in the Language of Man by Joel Wolowelsky 
  • Survey of Recent Halakhic Periodical Literature: The Hetter Iska and American Courts by J. David Bleich
  • Book Review: Eliezer Goldman, Yahadut le-Lo Ashlaya [Judaism Without Illusion] ed. Dani Statman & Avi Sagi by Jeffrey Saks
  • The “New School” of Bible Study: An Exchange by Yaakov Blau and Yaakov Beasley
  • Errata
  • Special Supplement: Hair Covering & Jewish Law: Biblical and Objective (Dat Moshe) or Rabbinic and Subjective (Dat Yehudit)? by Michael J. Broyde
  • Please note that Rabbi Broyde’s article is available for free download by the wider public.

    We welcome comments and discussion on these articles within Text & Texture’s comments section.

    - Shlomo Brody

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