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Tradition 42.2 is now online!

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The latest edition of Tradition is now online.

Table of Contents:

Editor’s Note:  You Taught Me Musar and the Profit on it by Shalom Carmy

A Tale of Two Men in One City by Judy Taubes Sterman

Doctors and Medical Knowledge in Tosafist Circles by Aryeh Leibowitz

Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh Ba-Zeh by Reuben M Rudman

Our Poor and Their Poor:  Philosophical Reflections by Baruch Brody

A Note on the Introduction to the Priestly Blessing (Birkat Kohanim) by Ben Zion Katz

Survey of Recent Halakhic Periodical Literature:  In the  Wake of Birkat Ha-Hammah 5769 by J. David Bleich

Communications:  Judith Taylor Baumol-Schwartz, Baruch Alster, Shalom Carmy, Benjamin Hecht, Maier Becker, Shubert Spero, David Shatz

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