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In Memory of Professor Moshe Greenberg by Nathaniel Helfgot

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As a committed student of Tanakh as well as chair of the Tanakh and Jewish Thought Departments at YCT Rabbinical School,  I would be remiss if I did not take note of the death last week of one of the leading Jewish scholars of Bible, as well as a wonderful human being, Prof. Moshe Greenberg [...]

From Our Archives: The Book of Ruth

In honor of Shavuot: Megillat Ruth:  A Unique Story of Torat Hesed by Yossi Prager (35:4, 2001) A (Critical) Review of Artscroll’s edition of Megillas Ruth by Isaac Boaz Gottlieb (21:1, Spring 1983) Chag Sameach! Shlomo Brody

Exodus and Emancipation: Measure for Measure in Biblical and African-American Slavery by Kenneth Chelst

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Perception often succeeds by way of contrast and analogy. Our brains interpret what we see by comparing and contrasting the visualization with information stored in our memory. The African-American slave experience provides a rich source of both personal narratives and historical analysis that can enhance our perception of Israelite bondage and redemption. Conversely, the Exodus [...]

Abrabanel & The Menora: An Early Interpretation Supporting the Concept of Tora U’Madda by Yaakov Bieler

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              The latter Tora portions of the book of Shemot, with the exception of Ki Tisa, focus upon the construction of the Tabernacle and the fabrication of the ritual clothing worn by the priests when they were performing the Temple service. Most commentators are hard-pressed to derive rigorously argued, logical spiritual instruction from this quantitatively [...]

Purim and the Challenge of Human Sexuality by Gidon Rothstein

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At a crucial moment of the Megillah named after her, Ester tells Mordechai that she will go and speak to Ahashverosh uninvited, asks him to pray for her, and closes by saying, וכאשר אבדתי אבדתי, when I am lost, I am lost.  Megillah 15a puts a twist on this phrase that brings it in line [...]

The Bones of Yosef by Nathaniel Helfgot

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The Torah, in an apparent aside at the beginning of Parashat Beshallah (Ch. 13:19), informs us that as the Israelites were leaving Egypt, Moses recovered the bones of Joseph to fulfill the request/oath that Joseph had made the people swear to him long ago that when the redemption would come they would take his bones [...]

The Self-Sacrifice of the Frogs: Halakha, Aggadata, and Martyrdom by Aryeh Klapper

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תלמוד בבלי מסכת פסחים דף נג עמוד א –ב אמר רבי יוסי: תודוס איש רומי הנהיג את בני רומי לאכול גדיים מקולסין בלילי פסחים. שלחו לו: אלמלא תודוס אתה, גזרנו עליך נדוי, שאתה מאכיל את ישראל קדשים בחוץ. קדשים סלקא דעתך?! אלא אימא קרוב להאכיל את ישראל קדשים בחוץ. איבעיא להו: תודוס איש רומי גברא [...]

More Than Just a Line in Our Prayers: Remembering the Exodus by Gidon Rothstein

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In the context of my Mission of Orthodoxy project, I recently noted that Orthodox Jewish men are required to twice daily recall the Exodus from Egypt.  While Rambam does not count this as a separate mitzvah, he does include it as part of the structure of the Shema that obligates us morning and evening.[1]  We [...]

Of Miketz, Menorahs, and Majesty

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Of Miketz, Menorahs, and Majesty By Daniel Z. Feldman  Halakhic Inquiries Regarding Yosef’s Behavior The release of Yosef from prison, a moment of great drama and emotion, has also been the subject of halakhic inquiry. Some rishonim note, in light of the fact that his release took place on Rosh HaShanah[1], it is surprising that Yosef [...]

Gid haNasheh: Yaacov Avinu’s Contribution to Jewish Spirituality

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Gid haNasheh: Yaacov Avinu’s Contribution to Jewish Spirituality by Gidon Rothstein There are only three commandments recorded in the book of Bereshit, so when we come across one, we sit up and take notice.  If that weren’t enough, the prohibition of Gid haNasheh (commonly translated as sciatic nerve, but easily as likely referring to a [...]

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