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Parashat Teruma: An Aggadic Example of “Mekalkel Al Menat LeTaken” by Yaakov Bieler

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An Aggadic Example of “Mekalkel Al Menat LeTaken”  – Destroying in order to Repair (Mishna Shabbat 13:3)  Biblical terms referring to the Tablets upon which the Ten Commandments were inscribed. The first holy artifact described in Parashat Teruma with respect to the construction of the Mishkan (Tabernacle) is the Aron (Ark) in which, among other [...]

Parashat Mishpatim and Its Relationship to the Preceding Chapters by Yaakov Bieler

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To what is the first verse in Mishpatim adjoined? The first verse of Parashat Mishpatim, Shemot 21:1, that follows practically immediately[1] after the listing of the Ten Commandments appearing in Parashat Yitro (20:2-14), is linked to the verses preceding it by the letter “Vav” at the beginning of the first word “Eileh” (these).[2] A “Vav” [...]

Parashat Yitro: The Coda of the Ten Commandments by Yaakov Bieler

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An oddity concerning the structure of the Parasha. The conclusion of Parashat Yitro is curiously anti-climactic, at least at first glance. After the emotional drama of the reuniting of Moshe with his family (Shemot 18:1-12), the astute recommendations of Yitro regarding the most efficient manner by which to administer the massive encampment (18:13-26), painstaking preparations [...]