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Parashat Va-Yetze: Holy Places as Resources for Leading Spiritual Lives by Yaakov Bieler

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Yaakov believes that the location where he experienced his powerful dream was deliberately Chosen by God. Yaakov, upon awaking from his prophetic dream at the outset of Parashat VaYetze (Beraishit 28:12-15), realizes HaShem’s Closeness to him, and as a result is beset by a powerful emotion. Beraishit 28:16-17 …And he said, ‘Surely God is in [...]

Parashat Chaye Sara: A Young Girl Who Certainly Knows Her Mind by Yaakov Bieler

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Finding a wife for Yitzchak. A major portion of Parashat Chaye Sara is dedicated to Eliezer’s quest to find a suitable wife for Yitzchak from among Avraham’s relatives. [1] I am particularly struck by the role that Rivka herself plays in this story with respect to deciding whether she would like to accompany Eliezer back [...]

Parashat Vayera: You Can Take Her Out of Sodom by Yaakov Bieler

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Lot’s wife meets an unpleasant end. Just prior to the destruction of the cities Sodom and Amora (Beraishit 19:24-25), Lot, Avraham’s nephew (see 11:31), and at least a portion of his family[1] manage to escape. However, one member of the group that originally leaves Sodom, never reaches safety, and instead, becomes a perpetual monument[2] to [...]

Avraham: Proactive Monotheist by Yaakov Bieler

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Universal directives in the early Parashiot of the Tora. Sefer Beraishit, in addition to presenting the particularistic personal histories of the founders of the Jewish people, also contains several universalistic statements that indicate Divine Expectations for all of humankind.[1] A commandment in Parashat Lech Lecha’s that can be understood as relating not only to Avraham [...]