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Purim and the Challenge of Human Sexuality by Gidon Rothstein

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At a crucial moment of the Megillah named after her, Ester tells Mordechai that she will go and speak to Ahashverosh uninvited, asks him to pray for her, and closes by saying, וכאשר אבדתי אבדתי, when I am lost, I am lost.  Megillah 15a puts a twist on this phrase that brings it in line [...]

Women and the Splitting of Modern Orthodoxy: Confronting the Underlying Issues by Gidon Rothstein

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My friend and colleague R. Nati Helfgot’s recent discussion of women’s leadership in communal settings is marked by his usual and admirable judiciousness, his concern to be respectful to all sides in a debate, and his hope to move our community forward as productively and peacefully as possible.  With all the respect and admiration I [...]

Women, Communal Leadership, and Modern Orthodoxy by Nathaniel Helfgot

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I. During the last half century the movement towards greater public, educational, economic, and political roles for women in general society has slowly  affected the reality of Jewish and more specifically, for our purposes, Orthodox society. This has created a sea change in the role of women in the Orthodox and especially Modern-Orthodox society. The [...]

From Our Archives: Rabbi J. David Bleich – Women on Synagogue Boards

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In light of the forthcoming article by Rabbi Helfgot, we are posting Rabbi Bleich’s article on women serving on synagogue boards (15:4 / Spring 1976).  Also of Interest in the same issue:  Chana K. Poupko and Devora L. Wohlgelernter, “Women’s Liberation:  An Orthodox Response” -   Shlomo Brody

From Our Archives: Revelation and the History of Halakha

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In the spirit of na’aseh ve-nishma and the central role of Torah She-Be’al Peh in Parashat Mishpatim, we offer three articles relating to revelation and the history of halakha. Louis Jacobs’ Doctrine of Revelation by Menachem Kellner The Early Period of Halakhic Midrash by David Halivni R. Zadok Hakohen on the History of Halakha by [...]

Balancing the Necessity and Abhorrence of Violence: Of Terrorists and Amalek by Gidon Rothstein

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Balancing the Necessity and Abhorrence of Violence: Of Terrorists and Amalek  Tu B’Shvat goes by, a holiday that continues to grow in popularity, especially as the environmental movement takes further hold (we hope), as we become more aware of our relationship with the earth.  With its passing, not to be seen again until next year, [...]