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Parashat Bamidbar: “To be an Honorary Levite or Firstborn?” – That is the Question by Yaakov Bieler

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“To Be an Honorary[1] Levite or a Firstborn?”—That is the Question! The Divine Plan to Set aside the firstborn of each Jewish family for Divine Service. Originally, God’s Design called for the firstborn of every family to serve in the capacity of Kohanim and Levi’im, performing the sacrificial services in first the Mishkan, and then [...]

Parashat Naso: Parents and Teachers as Quasi-Kohanim? by Jack Bieler

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Parents appropriating Birchat Kohanim in order to bless their children. The Biblical blessing appearing in Parashat Naso, that the Kohanim are commanded to bestow upon the Jewish people— BaMidbar 6:23-26 May God Bless you and Keep you. May God Cause His Face to shine upon you and Be Gracious to you. May God Lift His [...]

Parashat Bamidbar: Nachshon, Prince Among Princes? by Yaakov Bieler

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The “Nesi’im” of the tribes. At the beginning of Parashat BaMidbar, we are introduced to the “Nesi’im” (princes) of each of the tribes of Israel.[1] BaMidbar 1:5-15 1) Reuven—Elitzur ben Shedei’ur 2) Shimon—Shlumiel ben Tzurishadai 3) Yehuda—Nachshon ben Aminadav 4) Yisachar—Netanel ben Tzuar 5) Zevulun—Eliav ben Chailon 6) Ephraim—Elishama ben Amihud 7) Menashe—Gamliel ben Pedatzur [...]

Parashat Behar: Crises of Faith for Only the Farmer? by Yaakov Bieler

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An expression of a lack of faith in the midst of a biblical Halachic discussion. Individuals experiencing and expressing doubts concerning their religious beliefs are mentioned in a  number of anecdotes found in the Bible.[1] Such questions of faith, however, are virtually absent in the portions of the Tora devoted to Halacha. Consequently, it is [...]

Physical Perfection and Sacrifices by Yaakov Bieler

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Physical perfection of sacrifices and Kohanim. One of the major topics in the Parasha is the necessity for sacrifices as well as those who offer them, to meet certain objective criteria with regard to outward appearance.[1] While the rationale for offering only physically perfect specimens of animal and plant life can be understood in light [...]

A Most Holy Refrain by Yaakov Bieler

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A unique recurring phrase. Chapter 19 of Parashat Kedoshim contains a particularly inordinate number of verses listing various individual Commandments,[1] each concluding with the words “Ani HaShem” (I am God) or “Ani HaShem Elokeichem” (I am God, your Lord): VaYikra 19:3  An individual should fear his mother and father, and My Shabbatot he should observe [...]