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Parashiot Tazria-Metzora: Tzora’at’s Silver Lining? by Yaakov Bieler

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The assumption that most forms of Tzora’at are a Divine Communication of critique: According to Jewish tradition,[1] the various plagues[2] that fall under the rubric of Tzora’at are brought about by sins of various types.[3] If Tzora’at is to be understood as a form of Divine Censure for objectionable actions and character traits, to be [...]

Parashat Shemini: Being Able to Tell the Difference by Yaakov Bieler

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Direct Divine Instructions to Aharon. In Parashat Shmini, immediately after the tragic deaths of Aharon’s two sons, Nadav and Avihu (VaYikra 10:1-2), the removal of their bodies (10:4-5), and instructions regarding the manner in which the Kohanim (priests) are and are not to mourn (10:6-7), a Divine Directive is given  to Aharon and his surviving [...]

Kohen Gadol as Divine Medium by Yaakov Bieler

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Donning the Priestly garments. The first time that Aharon puts on the clothing of the high priest, the Kohanim and the Mishkan (Tabernacle) are being dedicated, as described in Parashat Tzav (VaYikra 8:7-9). The eight garments designated for the high priest to wear while performing the Avoda (sacrificial service), whose fabrications are articulated in exacting [...]