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Introducing Text & Texture

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Welcome to Text & Texture, Tradition‘s blog of Orthodox Jewish Thought that explores the texts that shape the texture of our lives.

Our contributors will analyze a wide range of sources and contemplate their meaning for contemporary Jewish thought and living.  Reflecting the varied interests of our writers, the posts seek to provide fresh insights and thought provoking commentary to classic texts.  Ranging from short musings to extended essays, the pieces will avoid homiletics and politics, while providing nuance and insight on contemporary issues.  The blog will additionally spotlight books of interest and highlight current and past Tradition articles.  To read about our contributors, please click here.

Forthcoming articles include:

Fraud (Ona’ah) and Non-Jews

Have Halakha Handbooks Changed Pesikat Halakha?

 On (Not) Understanding the Reasons Behind Rabbinic Prohibitions

Exemption from Warfare as a Halakhic and Spiritual Criterion

The Quest for Holiness:  Must Individual Goals be Accessible to all? 

Minority Views and the Role of the Mara De’Atra

For regular updates regarding the blog and Tradition Online, please sign up for our TOL e-updates and RSS feed.

In the hope of promoting thoughtful scholarship, we welcome article submissions from our readers.  All submissions remain subject to editorial review and will be published at the editor’s discretion.  Please submit relevant pieces to Shlomo Brody, Tradition Online editor, at 

The blog welcomes responses from our readers in our comments section, which we will monitor.  Please abide by the following rules: 

1.  Constructive and substantive discussion, including differing opinions, are welcomed, but no name calling, insults, derogatory remarks, or denigrations will be tolerated.  This applies to statements about both individuals and groups.  

2.  Intellectual, sociological, or historical claims should be substantiated.  When overly broad or egregious, they are subject to removal. 

3. Comments that violate the above will either be edited or deleted, at our discretion. 

4.  Particularly insightful comments will be posted as a regular post, like a letter to the editor. 

Please add our site to your bookmarks and blog rolls, and let your friends know about us.

We appreciate your feedback, and look forward to seeing you at our site.

- Shlomo Brody, Online Editor, Tradition

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