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From Our Archives: Parashat Lech Lecha

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Abraham’s Ordeals Revisited by Aryeh Spero (24:1, Fall 1988) Abraham’s Nephew Lot:  A Biblical Portrait by Raymond Harari (25:1, Fall 1989) The Use of Anesthesia in Circumcision:  A Re-Evaluation of the Halakhic Sources by Edward Reichman & Fred Rosner (34:3, 2000). – Shlomo Brody

Parashat Noach: Stealth Tora Teachers – The Yeshiva of Shem and Ever by Yaakov Bieler

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                The Yeshiva and/or Beit Midrash has been the institution in which Tora has been formally transmitted from teacher to student, from generation to generation, as well as the context in which students of Tora have conducted their religious studies for time immemorial.  While it is both plausible and understandable to find historical and literary [...]

The Akeidah and Our Commitment to Halakha

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The Akeidah and Our Commitment to Halakha  by Aryeh Klapper “Do not send your hand forth against the lad; Do not do him any harm”.  Every year at this time we tremble in suspense as Avraham raises the knife, then sigh in relief when the angel calls out in time to save Yitzchak.  We rejoice [...]