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Sarah’s Death and The Nature of Prophecy by Gidon Rothstein

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One of the earliest divrei Torah I remember finding attractive and interesting came in the week of Parashat Hayye Sarah, and resonates with me today for the remarkable claims it makes about the nature of prophecy.  My elementary school principal, a wonderful mechanech named R. Abraham Kahana, gave mishmar in the Yeshivah of Flatbush Elementary [...]

The Akeidah and Our Commitment to Halakha

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The Akeidah and Our Commitment to Halakha  by Aryeh Klapper “Do not send your hand forth against the lad; Do not do him any harm”.  Every year at this time we tremble in suspense as Avraham raises the knife, then sigh in relief when the angel calls out in time to save Yitzchak.  We rejoice [...]