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From Our Archives: Parashat Toldot and R’ Steinsaltz Talmud

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Rivka: The Enigma Behind The Veil Esther Shkop (2002)

Esther Shkop takes us through some the central questions about Rivka’s character,  with a particular focus on her conduct at the end of this weeks parsha.

A Midrash on Morality or When is a Lie Permissible – Norman Frimer (1973)

A fascinating piece on the enigmatic end to our parsha, and the moral questions it raises.

Learning Gemara in English: The Steinsaltz Talmud Translation –  Aharon Feldman  (1991)

Since this week has seen the siyum of R. Stiensaltz’s siyum on his monumental work we include an article by R. Aharon Feldman, which while perhaps critical, might be interesting to our readership.

Shabbat Shalom,

Nechama and Shlomo (Alex) Greenberg

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