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From Our Archives: In Honor of Israel Independence Day

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Redemption as Responsibility by Yuval Cherlow (39:3, Fall 2006)

On the Shoulders of a Giant:  Looking Back, Yet Looking Forward by Nathaniel Helfgot (39:3, Fall 2006)

The Love of Israel as a Factor in Halakhic Decision Making in the Works of Rabbi Benzion Uziel by Hayyim David Halevy (24:3, Spring 1989)

Arms Transfers, the State of Israel, and Halakha (24:3, Spring 1989) by Joseph Polak

The State of Israel:  A Torah Perspective by Aaron Soloveichik (25:2, Winter 1990)

The Centrality of Eretz Yisrael in Nachmanides by Aryeh Newman (10:1, Summer 1968)

Proto-Zionism and Its Proto-Herzl: The Philosophy and Efforts of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer by Sam N. Lehman-Wilzig (16:1, Spring 1976)

- Shlomo Brody

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