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From Our Archives: Writings of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook

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Friday, August 13th (the 3rd of Elul) is the 75th yahrzeit of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, zt”l (1865-1935), a leading figure of religious Zionism.  In commemoration, we highlight several select essays from our archives that feature the writings, life, and legacy of Rav Kook. 

From the Pages of Tradition:  R. Abraham Isaac Ha-Kohen Kook:  Letter on Ahavat Yisrael by Shnayer Z. Leiman (24:1, 1988)

Rav Kook:  The Road to Renewal by Ben Zion Bokser (13:3, 1973) 

Rav Kook’s Contested Legacy by David Singer (30:3, 1996) 

Rav Kuk’s Theory of Knowledge by Shalom Carmy (15:1-2, 1975)

From the Pages of Tradition: Rabbi Soloveitchik Meets Rav Kook by Jeffrey Saks (39:3, 2006)

- Shlomo Brody


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