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From Our Archives: Parshat Chaya Sarah

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Halakhah as Psychology: Explicating the Laws of Mourning by Moshe Halevy Spero (17:1, Fall 1977)

 As our parsha opens with Avraham’s mourning over Sarah, we have brought the following article in which Moshe Halevy discusses the interplay between halacha and psychology in the laws of mourning.

The Test of Rebecca by Andrew Schein (31:4, Summer 1997)

In a textual analysis of Bereshit 24 Andrew Schein addresses classic interpretations of Eliezer’s actions and suggest his own, novel, approach.

And Sarah Died by Yehuda Gellman (32:1, Fall 1997) 

In addressing the clear contrast between Abraham’s and Sarah’s opposing responses to the Akeida, Yehudah Gellman explores the two, very different, religious paradigms which each person represents.

Shabbat Shalom!

- Nechama Greenberg and Shlomo (Alex) Greenberg

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