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From Our Archives: Parashat Beraishit

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Population Control:  The Jewish View by Moses D. Tendler (8:3, 1966)

Halakhic Criteria for Defining Human Beings by Moshe D. Tendler and John D. Loike (37:2, 2003)

On Contradictions between Torah and Science:  The First Day of Creation – The Origin of the Universe by Nathan Aviezer (24:4, 1989)

The Biblical Stories of Creation, Garden of Eden, and the Flood:  Story or Metaphor? by Shupert Spero (33:2, 1999)

Paradise Lost or Outgrown? by Shubert Spero (41:2, 2008)

New Books on the Torah and Sefer Breishit (Text & Texture)

- Shlomo Brody

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