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From Our Archives: In Memory of Rabbi Dr. Aaron Levine by Yonatan Kohn

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This past week marked the shloshim for Rabbi Dr. Aaron Levine, an Associate Editor of Tradition, the Samson and Halina Bitensky Professor of Economics at Yeshiva University, and spiritual leader of the Young Israel of Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY. Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Daniel Rapp wrote a touching tribute, available here.

 Rabbi Dr. Levine was widely respected as a first-rate talmid hakham, an exceptional academic scholar, and a noble, humble leader and personality. He wrote many scholarly articles in a number of different publications and several books for the wider community, and 11 entries for Tradition. Here, we highlight three of his Tradition articles, including a study of the foundational concept of hakkarat hatov, a book review essay, and an overview of the halakhot that govern employee-employer relations in the business office. This last article, “The Mean Boss” explores a wide range of challenges in trust, responsibility, and property rights that arise daily in the workplace. With colorful illustrative scenarios, Dr. Levine clearly delineates the halakhic and economic dynamics of office relationships, even for those with no background in principles of economics. The article highlights the balance between a rigid conceptual framework of rights and responsibilities and a dynamic reality heavily informed by office environment and culture and the delicate psychological balance of power in employer-employee relations.

HAKKRAT HATOV (GRATITUDE) AND THE MORAL PERSONALITY http://www.traditiononline.org/news/originals/Volume%2025/No.%202/Hakkarat%20Hatov.pdf

Review Essay JEWISH BUSINESS ETHICS AND THE MODERN MARKETPLACE http://www.traditiononline.org/news/_pdfs/78-97%20Levine.pdf

The Mean Boss  


- Yonatan Kohn

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