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From Our Archives: Parashat Noach

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A Note on the Flood Story in the Language of Man by Joel Wolowelsky Be Fruitful and Multiply by David S. Shapiro The Universal Nature of Pru Urva and an Analysis of its Implications by David Neustadter Making the Bible Come to Life:  Biblical Archaeology and the Teaching of Tanakh in Jewish Schools by Lawrence [...]

From Our Archives: Parashat Beraishit

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Population Control:  The Jewish View by Moses D. Tendler (8:3, 1966) Halakhic Criteria for Defining Human Beings by Moshe D. Tendler and John D. Loike (37:2, 2003) On Contradictions between Torah and Science:  The First Day of Creation – The Origin of the Universe by Nathan Aviezer (24:4, 1989) The Biblical Stories of Creation, Garden [...]

From Our Archives: Writings of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook

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Friday, August 13th (the 3rd of Elul) is the 75th yahrzeit of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, zt”l (1865-1935), a leading figure of religious Zionism.  In commemoration, we highlight several select essays from our archives that feature the writings, life, and legacy of Rav Kook.  From the Pages of Tradition:  R. Abraham Isaac Ha-Kohen Kook:  Letter on Ahavat Yisrael by [...]

Homosexuality and Halakha: In Tradition and Beyond

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In light of the public discussion surrounding the recent Statement of Principles on homosexuality and Judaism, penned by one of our regular contributors, Text & Texture is making available some of the Tradition articles that have been written about homosexuality and halakha.  Additionally, we include below an essay by Rabbi Michael J. Broyde and Rabbi Shlomo [...]

From Our Archives: Idolatry – A Prohibition for Our Time

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In light of the Sefer Devarim’s repeated condemantion of idolatry, please see our featured archive article, “Idolatry: A Prohibition for our Time” by Herzl Hefter (42:1, 2009) – Shlomo Brody

From Our Archives: Rabbi Yehuda Amital zt”l

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Last week, the Jewish community suffered the loss of Rabbi Yehuda Amital, zt”l, founding Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Har Etzion and long-time leader within the religious Zionist community.  We hope to soon have a more in-depth appreciate of this great figure, but in the interim, we would like to highlight two of Rav Amital’s articles [...]

From Our Archives: An Analysis of Bamidbar 32

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1) Relating to this week’s Torah reading, Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot (Tradition 32:2) asked the following questions regarding chapter 32 and the story of Bnei Gad and Reuven: The first section (32: 1-15) raises a number of points that require careful analysis. To begin with, the text emphasizes the word mikne, cattle, repeating it no less [...]

From Our Archives: The Book of Ruth

In honor of Shavuot: Megillat Ruth:  A Unique Story of Torat Hesed by Yossi Prager (35:4, 2001) A (Critical) Review of Artscroll’s edition of Megillas Ruth by Isaac Boaz Gottlieb (21:1, Spring 1983) Chag Sameach! Shlomo Brody

From Our Archives: In Honor of Israel Independence Day

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Redemption as Responsibility by Yuval Cherlow (39:3, Fall 2006) On the Shoulders of a Giant:  Looking Back, Yet Looking Forward by Nathaniel Helfgot (39:3, Fall 2006) The Love of Israel as a Factor in Halakhic Decision Making in the Works of Rabbi Benzion Uziel by Hayyim David Halevy (24:3, Spring 1989) Arms Transfers, the State [...]

From Our Archives: Music During Sefirah

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In 2008, Rabbi Moshe Bleich published in Tradition (41:1) a survey of halakhic positions regarding listening to music during the period of Sefirat ha-Omer (and the three weeks), which led to further correspondence between him and Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot regarding Rabbi Soloveitchik’s opinion. In addition to the positions cited in the article, one should add the recently [...]

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