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From Our Archives: Parashat Toldot and R’ Steinsaltz Talmud

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Rivka: The Enigma Behind The Veil – Esther Shkop (2002) Esther Shkop takes us through some the central questions about Rivka’s character,  with a particular focus on her conduct at the end of this weeks parsha. A Midrash on Morality or When is a Lie Permissible – Norman Frimer (1973) A fascinating piece on the [...]

From Our Archives: Parshat Chaya Sarah

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Halakhah as Psychology: Explicating the Laws of Mourning by Moshe Halevy Spero (17:1, Fall 1977)  As our parsha opens with Avraham’s mourning over Sarah, we have brought the following article in which Moshe Halevy discusses the interplay between halacha and psychology in the laws of mourning. The Test of Rebecca by Andrew Schein (31:4, Summer [...]

From Our Archives: Parashat Lech Lecha

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Abraham’s Ordeals Revisited by Aryeh Spero (24:1, Fall 1988) Abraham’s Nephew Lot:  A Biblical Portrait by Raymond Harari (25:1, Fall 1989) The Use of Anesthesia in Circumcision:  A Re-Evaluation of the Halakhic Sources by Edward Reichman & Fred Rosner (34:3, 2000). – Shlomo Brody

From Our Archives: Parashat Noach

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A Note on the Flood Story in the Language of Man by Joel Wolowelsky Be Fruitful and Multiply by David S. Shapiro The Universal Nature of Pru Urva and an Analysis of its Implications by David Neustadter Making the Bible Come to Life:  Biblical Archaeology and the Teaching of Tanakh in Jewish Schools by Lawrence [...]

From Our Archives: Parashat Beraishit

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Population Control:  The Jewish View by Moses D. Tendler (8:3, 1966) Halakhic Criteria for Defining Human Beings by Moshe D. Tendler and John D. Loike (37:2, 2003) On Contradictions between Torah and Science:  The First Day of Creation – The Origin of the Universe by Nathan Aviezer (24:4, 1989) The Biblical Stories of Creation, Garden [...]

New Parasha, Archives, and Print Features

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We are pleased to announce that our regular contributor, Rabbi Yaakov Bieler, will begin posting weekly essays on the parasha for Text & Texture.  Rabbi Bieler’s essays will feature philosophical ruminations based on textual analysis and commentaries, but will not be overly technical and will remain accessible to a wide audience.    We are sure you will enjoy [...]

Books of Interest: Important Studies on Repentance

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Two recent book on teshuva are genuine must-reads. The first, Takanat Ha-Shavim (2007) by Prof. Nahum Rakover, discusses all aspects relating to the rehabilitation of criminals in halakha.  He discusses when and how we limit the reinstatement of offenders (especially if they had a public position) as well as the debates regarding how to demonstrate [...]

The Aleinu Prayer and the Pardes Story: Major Trends in Hekhalot Literature Research by Shlomo Brody

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The prayer Aleinu, which plays a central role in the Rosh Hashana liturgy, first appears within the Hekhalot literature, a large corpus of mystical writings and experiences which emerged in late antiquity.  This literature, full of narratives of Sages ascending to the Heavens – including the famous Pardes story also found in the Talmud – [...]

New Tradition – 43:2, Featuring Debate Between Rabbis Eli Shulman and Michael Broyde on Women’s Hair Covering

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Vol. 43, No. 2, Summer 2010 Editor’s Note: “He Thought She Was Drunk” by Shalom Carmy Towards a Jewish Bioethic: The Case of Truth-Telling by Judah L. Goldberg The Limits of Religious Optimism: The Hazon Ish and the Altar of Novardok on Bittahon by Daniel Stein The Metaphysics of Property Interests in Jewish Law: An [...]

From Our Archives: Writings of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook

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Friday, August 13th (the 3rd of Elul) is the 75th yahrzeit of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, zt”l (1865-1935), a leading figure of religious Zionism.  In commemoration, we highlight several select essays from our archives that feature the writings, life, and legacy of Rav Kook.  From the Pages of Tradition:  R. Abraham Isaac Ha-Kohen Kook:  Letter on Ahavat Yisrael by [...]

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