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Parashat Beraishit: The First Penitent? by Yaakov Bieler

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Penitence in the Tora’s first Parasha. Emerging from the intense period of repentance and atonement that began with the month of Elul, we should be particularly sensitive to apparent acts of “Teshuva”, as well as their noticeable absence, in the Parashiot with which the Tora begins.[1] With respect to Parashat Beraishit, on the one hand, [...]

Parashat Ha’azinu: Poetry Not Only as Aesthetic Experience, but Also as Divine Challenge by Yaakov Bieler

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Considering what is being suggested and alluded to in the poetic passages of the Tora. Parashat Ha’azinu contains one of the two overt prolonged pieces of poetry in the Chumash. Although the entire Tora can be understood to constitute a poem, in accordance with Sanhedrin 21b’s interpretation[1] of Devarim 31:19,[2] the unique formats in which [...]

Parashat Re’eh: What is “The Just and the Good in Hashem’s Eyes” (Part II) by Yaakov Bieler

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A theme originally appearing in Parashat VaEtchanan is again invoked in Parashat Re’eh.[1] Continuing the discussion of the concept that first appears in the Tora in Devarim 6:18 “And you will do what is just and good in the Eyes of God in order that He Do good for you, and you will come to [...]

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