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From Our Archives: Shubert Spero – Orthodoxy Vis a Vis The General Community: Does Participation Imply Recognition?

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One of the most hotly debated questions in the 20th century within the Orthodox community related to the appropriateness of Orthodox rabbis joining rabbinic umbrella organizations comprised of rabbis from various denominations.  One of the primary arguments against participation was that any form of formal association implies recognition and acceptance of non-Orthodox groups.  In the [...]

Praying for One to Die: Philosophical Considerations

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Praying for One to Die: Philosophical Considerations by Ezra Schwartz There is a great deal of literature about treating a terminally ill patient.  However, the question most relevant for family members, namely how they should pray, remains mired in obscurity.  Although Ran in Nedarim 40a, basing himself of Ketubot 104a, teaches that one should pray [...]

Tradition 42:3 (Fall 2009), Including Article by Rabbi Michael Broyde on Women’s Hair Covering

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Tradition 42:3 (Fall 2009) Editor’s Note: The Teacher of Morality at Horwich Beach by Shalom Carmy Abarbanel: Commentator and Teacher Celebrating 500 Years of His Influence on Tanakh Study by Hayyim Angel When Torah and Science Collide by Nathan Aviezer A Note on The Flood Story in the Language of Man by Joel Wolowelsky  Survey [...]

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